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December Vacation Basketball Camp  Information
This year, Hanukkah starts on Sunday, December 22nd and ends on Monday, December 30th. May your 8 days of celebrating the miracle of Hanukkah enrich your faith and strengthen your family bonds.

Since schools are off from December 23rd to New Year's, we will have a basketball camp at the Robert H. Brown School on December 23, 27, and 30 for grades 3 - 8. The cost for the camp is $50 for one day, $45/day for 2 days or 2 campers for 1 day, and $40/day for 3 days or 3 campers for one day.

Many parents are working and want a safe, fun activity for their children. With Bobby Moore and my daughter, Tammy, in charge, it is sure to be competitive and loads of fun. Our surprise guest speaker will add to the excitement. Making this one of your holiday gifts will be a win-win for you and your child. I have attached gift certificates for you to use if you choose to register your child for our camp. Making camp one of your Hanukkah gifts or a gift on Christmas day emphasizes that sending them to camp is a special gift from parents and not an obligation.

Please go to to register. In addition, please forward this to friends and teammates and encourage them to join us. We hope to reach our capacity of 40 campers each day.
Starts: 12/23/2019 - 12/30/2019
Days of the Week: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Size: 50
Location: Robert H. Brown Middle School
Madison, CT 06443
Cost: $150.00 or $50.00 per day. (For two days, or two campers for one day, the cost is $45/day/camper. For three or more campers, or one camper for 3 or more days, the cost is $40/camper/day. Scholarships are available for families with financial need.)
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